About my Journey

My opportunity to travel a lot outside of the U.S. really began when I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for 18 months several years ago. Since then, the (international) travel bug has not left my system. My day to day life includes being a family medicine doctor, athlete and wine enthusiast. I don’t have a detailed bucket list, or must have places to see…I just want to travel, see the world and meet people.




4 thoughts on “About my Journey

  1. April! Have such an amazing time. This sounds like it will be an eye-opening and enriching experience and I can’t wait to see and read what you’ll be doing in Cape Town! Be safe and much love to you ā¤

  2. I came across your blog through the Nest. I’m also a Philly native but living in not nearly half as exotic a location as you are. I hope your year proves to be an incredible experience and I look forward to reading about your adventures since South Africa is a country I would love to visit one day.

  3. Hi April, It was great to meet you yesterday, albeit briefly! I looked up Grassroots Soccer and came upon your blog. I hope your time in Cape Town is wonderful, and if you ever want to stop by Observatory and tell us more about Grassroots Soccer, you are welcome here!

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